Announcing Strike BLACK

Announcing Strike BLACK

Bitcoin, Lightning, APIs, Cash, and onboarding services for businesses

Sam Feder

Mar 21, 2024

Today we are announcing the next evolution of our suite of business services: Strike BLACK.

Bitcoin and Lightning developers all over the world have been leveraging Strike’s business services to integrate Bitcoin, Lighting Network, and payment services into their apps. With our own infrastructure, licenses, and partners, we are uniquely positioned to provide enterprise-ready services.

Whether you’re an early stage company, indie hacker, or a large multinational corporation, you can build on our infrastructure with Strike BLACK, and use our developer tools to build our bitcoin functionality into your technology.

Let’s build Bitcoin into your app. Get Started.

BLACK isn’t just our favorite color. It’s a new suite of services for developers to seamlessly build Strike’s infrastructure and capabilities into any app.

Strike BLACK is Bitcoin-everything as a service.

It’s the full suite of services for builders looking to add Bitcoin features to their app, including bitcoin payments, Lightning Network interoperability, and dollar off-ramps. Our service is designed to be à la carte, flexible and offer plug-and-play solutions so you can select features and customize them to best meet your needs. Now, you can easily integrate and offer your customers the ability to buy, sell, send, receive, hodl, withdraw, onboard, cash-in, and cash-out.

With Strike BLACK, we’re thrilled to deliver a developer experience that turns a complex, multi-layered problem into a simple one-size-fits-all solution. Learn more.

Strike BLACK offers three core ways to integrate Strike into your app - the Strike API, Strike OAuth Connect, and the Strike widget.

The Strike API

Our API has been public since 2021, allowing any Strike customer to interact with their Strike account programmatically. For some customers, this means running their entire enterprise’s Lightning services, building out novel payment and cross-border solutions, or making bitcoin payments at scale; for others this means bootstrapped projects integrating Lightning and bitcoin to solve real-world problems.

The Strike API supports sending and receiving bitcoin payments either on-chain or via the Lightning Network, transacting seamlessly between USD and Bitcoin, making USD payouts, and much more.

Our API has been built by developers, for developers, and there is so much you can do and build using it. Read more about the Strike API, check out the documentation, or contact to get started.

Strike OAuth Connect

OAuth Connect allows Strike users to grant permissions to your app to make transactions on their behalf using the Strike API.

Combining OAuth Connect with the Strike API is extremely powerful, as now Strike users can be your users, with your platform as the UX, and Strike’s functionality, licenses, and technology under-the-hood operated via the Strike API and OAuth Connect. Now, you can facilitate money movements between multiple parties and truly leverage Strike’s functionality into your platform or app, BLACK-labeling our infrastructure behind your business logic. With OAuth Connect, the sky is the limit!

Read more about Strike OAuth Connect and how to get started in the API documentation.

The Strike widget

The Strike widget is a web-based app that lets your end users buy bitcoin on your platform. It can be integrated into your web or mobile app, allowing your users to link cash payment methods, buy bitcoin, and have their bitcoin delivered to a specified destination, including Bitcoin addresses, Lightning invoices, or Strike usernames.

With the Strike widget you can now add a “Buy bitcoin” button to your app, and alongside the Strike API and Strike OAuth Connect, you can build robust Bitcoin and transaction experiences to better serve your users.

With Strike OAuth Connect, you can build customized transaction experiences that debit and credit payments from the user’s balance, entirely permissioned and within their control.

The widget comes ready made and can be implemented into a webview of your app in a day! You can read more about the Strike widget here or check out the documentation for how to add it to your app.

What will you build?

With Strike BLACK, our partners have have already built some amazing products: Payments between Bitcoin mining and energy provider operations allowing payment for energy programmatically and at a frequency previously impossible Bitcoin buying and wallet services for your favorite nostr client Adding Lightning functionality to some of the best known Bitcoin companies Building bitcoin-transfers with USD payout functionality into financial services

If you’re interested in adding bitcoin and Lightning to your business, visit Strike BLACK and fill out our interest form, or reach out directly to

With Strike BLACK, Bitcoin and Lightning are at your fingertips. You are only a few lines of code from having Strike’s infrastructure supercharging your app. Reach out today, and let’s build together.

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