Announcing Strike Business

Announcing Strike Business

Introducing the leading Bitcoin and Lightning platform for businesses to buy bitcoin

Sam Feder

Mar 14, 2024

Today, we’re announcing Strike Business, the new leading platform for businesses to buy and manage bitcoin. Strike Business offers world class custody, Lightning and on-chain services, developer integrations, and much more. At its core, it’s a service focused on providing your business a trusted partner for buying bitcoin affordably, reliably, and with no limits.

Strike Business is for all sizes and industries. We serve single-person operations, small businesses, family offices, and enterprise-scale companies alike. It’s for any business that recognizes the value of holding and operating with Bitcoin as a way to avoid arbitrary inflation, access borderless payments, and take control of their finances.

It’s your solution for building your own Bitcoin strategy.

Whether for transacting, holding as a treasury asset, or for making payments globally using bitcoin, Strike Business provides businesses with the same best-in-class Strike experience that we provide to our individual customers.

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Introducing Strike Business

Strike Business has high-quality execution and best-in-class Lightning and Bitcoin payment infrastructure. Our tiered-fee structure makes us one of the most competitive places to buy bitcoin, especially in large amounts. This is all powered by Strike’s own infrastructure including redundant banking, multiple liquidity providers, secure platform, and our best-in-class user experience and customer service.

Whether you are a family office, small business, large enterprise, or just getting started, let Strike Business be your partner in bitcoin.

Strike Business Dashboard

Our business clients will have access to the brand new Strike Business Dashboard to facilitate all Bitcoin services. Strike Business clients can wire in dollars, buy or sell bitcoin in seconds, send or receive bitcoin via on-chain or Lightning transaction, then hold or withdraw to their own custody. You can also track your trading and transaction activity, as well as generate and export detailed reports for accounting purposes.

Whatever your business needs to do with bitcoin, it’s all here. We believe we are one of the lowest-cost and best bitcoin-only services that offers Lightning capabilities and free on-chain withdrawals, and we’re just getting started.

You can learn more about what Strike Business has to offer in our FAQs on our website. If you have any questions about partnering with us, reach out to us at for a no-obligation conversation about how we can help your business access bitcoin.

Tiered Fees

Businesses need transparent and affordable services. Our business customers get high-quality pricing with a scalable fee structure, designed to lower your costs the more bitcoin you buy. You can learn more about tiered fees here.

Getting Started

Our onboarding process is designed to be simple, fast, and easy. Fill out the form on our website or send an email to and we’ll get the process started.

At Strike, we’re committed to being the best in Bitcoin and we aim to give your business access to the same high-quality service we deliver to our individual customers. We’re incredibly excited to partner with your business on your Bitcoin journey and learn more about how we can meet all of your Bitcoin needs.

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