Money Matters Mailbag: Episode 8

Money Matters Mailbag: Episode 8

Why Bitcoin's price can’t be manipulated

Strike Team

Mar 18, 2024

In this episode of the Money Matters podcast, Jack Mallers, Dylan Lieteau, and Bill Mallers Jr. dive into the key reasons why Bitcoin's price is resistant to manipulation. They debunk Samantha LaDuc’s theory calling Michael Saylor a “modern day" Hunt brother, and how continued redistribution of ownership will continue to drive demand even amidst down cycles. They also break down why Bitcoin’s rally could impact the Fed’s monetary policy and delay rate cuts, according to JP Morgan, and why cutting interest rates could lead to a surge in Bitcoin’s price. Additionally, the episode discusses the deteriorating bond market and why price fixing it could lead to Bitcoin hitting $1 million in 2025, according to Jack.


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